All Events
April, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday02 Apr 2018School Reopens (L.K.G - XII)
2Wednesday04 Apr 2018Hand writing At its Best-I(English, Hindi) (I-V)
3Thursday05 Apr 2018Prize Day (Senior School)
4Friday06 Apr 2018Mass of the Holy Spirit
5Friday06 Apr 2018Prize Day (Junior School)
6Saturday07 Apr 2018Chart Competition (VI-XII)
7Monday09 Apr 2018Academic Sessions for Class XI Begins
8Monday09 Apr 2018Creative Writing (VI - XII)
9Tuesday10 Apr 2018Tree Plantation (VI- VIII)
10Wednesday11 Apr 2018Educational Trip to Science Museum (VI- VIII)
11Thursday12 Apr 2018Educational Trip to Science Museum (IX- XII)
12Saturday14 Apr 2018AMBEDKAR JAYANTI
13Thursday19 Apr 2018Investiture Ceremony (Junior & Middle)
14Friday20 Apr 2018Colour Splash(LKG,UKG)
15Friday20 Apr 2018Junior School Orientation
16Saturday21 Apr 2018Earth Day Assembly (V)
17Saturday21 Apr 2018Flower Arrangement (III- V)
18Saturday21 Apr 2018Investiture Ceremony (Senior School)
19Sunday22 Apr 2018Earth Day
20Monday23 Apr 2018PTM (VI, VII)
21Tuesday24 Apr 2018PTM (VIII)
22Wednesday25 Apr 2018PTM (IX, X)
23Thursday26 Apr 2018PTM (XI, XII)
24Friday27 Apr 2018Inter School Competition "Master Chef "
25Saturday28 Apr 2018Junior School Orientation
May, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Tuesday01 May 2018St. Joseph's Feast Day
2Tuesday01 May 2018Helpers' Day
3Wednesday02 May 2018Unit Tests (I- XII)
4Friday04 May 2018Inter school Mother Isabel Debate (XI, XII)/ Mass
5Saturday05 May 2018PTM (LKG, UKG)
6Friday11 May 2018Inter School Quiz "Quizzards of Oz"
7Friday11 May 2018My Mom, My World (Card Making LKG, UKG)
8Tuesday15 May 2018Family Day Assembly (IV)
10Thursday17 May 2018Extra Classes (IX-XII)
11Tuesday29 May 2018BUDH PURNIMA
June, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday15 Jun 2018ID-UL-FITR
July, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday06 Jul 2018MASS
2Monday09 Jul 2018Staff Orientation
3Tuesday10 Jul 2018Staff Orientation
4Wednesday11 Jul 2018School Reopens
5Friday13 Jul 2018Math Mind - I(I-V)
6Friday13 Jul 2018Lemonade Day (Pre-Primary)
7Monday16 Jul 2018English DeclamatIon (IV,V)
8Monday16 Jul 2018Show & Tell (I-III)
9Thursday19 Jul 2018Spell Bee (VI, VII)
10Friday20 Jul 2018Inter House English Debate (VIII-XI)
11Saturday21 Jul 2018Report Day (I-XII)
12Thursday26 Jul 2018Swar Tarang (III- V)- Hindi Elocution
13Friday27 Jul 2018Inter School Choir Competition "La Musique"
14Tuesday31 Jul 2018Hindi Elocution (VI-VIII)
15Tuesday31 Jul 2018Project Submission (XII)
August, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday03 Aug 2018Swar Tarang (I- II)- Hindi Elocution / Mass
2Saturday04 Aug 2018PTM (Pre-Primary)
3Saturday04 Aug 2018Inter School Competition "Urban Artisan"
4Saturday11 Aug 2018St.Clare's Feast Day
5Tuesday14 Aug 2018Independence Day Assembly (UKG,V)
6Tuesday14 Aug 2018Colour Splash (I-V)
7Wednesday15 Aug 2018INDEPENDENCE DAY
8Saturday18 Aug 2018Inter School English Elocution "Eloquent Oration"
9Monday20 Aug 2018ID Assembly (III)
10Wednesday22 Aug 2018ID-UL-ZUHA
11Friday24 Aug 2018Raksha Bandhan Assembly (I)
12Sunday26 Aug 2018RAKSHA BANDHAN
13Tuesday28 Aug 2018English Dramatised Story Telling (Class-I)
14Wednesday29 Aug 2018English Dramatised Story Telling (Class-II)
September, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday01 Sep 2018Janmashtami Assembly (L.K.G, II)
2Monday03 Sep 2018JANMASHTAMI
3Tuesday04 Sep 2018Dina's Feast (IV, XII)
4Wednesday05 Sep 2018Teachers' Day
5Friday07 Sep 2018Girl Child Day Assembly (III) / Mass
6Saturday08 Sep 2018GIRL CHILD DAY
7Monday10 Sep 2018Half Yearly Examinations (I-XII)
8Tuesday11 Sep 2018The Fantasy World (Pre- Primary )
9Friday14 Sep 2018Hindi Diwas
10Monday17 Sep 2018VISHWARMA DAY
11Friday21 Sep 2018MUHARRAM
12Friday21 Sep 2018International Peace Day
13Thursday27 Sep 2018English Creative Writing (I- V)
14Friday28 Sep 2018Hindi Creative Writing (I- V)
October, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Oct 2018Gandhi Jayanti Assembly (I)
2Tuesday02 Oct 2018GANDHI JAYANTI
3Thursday04 Oct 2018St. Francis Feast Day
4Friday05 Oct 2018Mass
5Saturday06 Oct 2018Report Day (Pre- Primary)
6Thursday11 Oct 2018Little Hands At Work (Pre - Primary)
7Friday12 Oct 2018Report Day (I-XII)
8Wednesday17 Oct 2018Dusshera Assembly (V)
9Friday19 Oct 2018DUSSHERA
10Wednesday24 Oct 2018VALMIKI JAYANTI
11Friday26 Oct 2018Soft Board Competition (VI- XII)
November, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday02 Nov 2018Sports Day (Junior School )
2Saturday03 Nov 2018Sports Day (Senior School )
3Monday05 Nov 2018Diwali Assembly (IV, Pre- Primary)
4Wednesday07 Nov 2018DIWALI
5Friday09 Nov 2018BHAIYA DOOJ
6Saturday10 Nov 2018Class Picnics
7Tuesday13 Nov 2018CHATT PUJA / Class Picnics
8Wednesday14 Nov 2018Childrens' Day
9Wednesday21 Nov 2018ID-UL-MILAD
10Thursday22 Nov 2018Guru Nanak Jayanti Assembly (II)
11Friday23 Nov 2018GURU NANAK JAYANTI
13Monday26 Nov 2018Unit Test II (I - XI)
14Monday26 Nov 2018Preliminary Examinations (XII)
15Wednesday28 Nov 2018Collage Making (L.K.G, U.K.G)
December, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday03 Dec 2018Value Week / Social Awareness (I-XII)
2Friday07 Dec 2018Math Mind Round - II (I-V) / Mass
3Friday14 Dec 2018Christmas Celebration (Pre - Primary)
4Saturday15 Dec 2018Report Day (Pre- Primary)
5Tuesday18 Dec 2018Class XII Farewell (Official)
6Wednesday19 Dec 2018Class XII Farewell (Social)
7Thursday20 Dec 2018Christmas Celebration (I-XII)
8Friday21 Dec 2018Report Day (I-XII)
10Tuesday25 Dec 2018CHRISTMAS DAY
January, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday04 Jan 2019Preliminary Examinations (X)
3Monday14 Jan 2019School Reopens
4Saturday19 Jan 2019Science Activity (V)
5Monday21 Jan 2019Handwriting At Its Best -II English, Hindi (I-V)
6Friday25 Jan 2019Republic Day Assembly (III)
7Friday25 Jan 2019Melodies In Life (L.K.G, U.K.G)
8Saturday26 Jan 2019REPUBLIC DAY (VIII)
9Tuesday29 Jan 2019Art & Craft Exhibition (L.K.G - XI )
February, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday01 Feb 2019Mass
2Sunday03 Feb 2019St. Claudine Feast Day / Sister's Day
3Friday08 Feb 2019The Healthy Me (L.K.G, U.K.G )
4Monday25 Feb 2019Final Examinations
March, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday01 Mar 2019Role Play (L.K.G, U.K.G )
2Monday04 Mar 2019MAHA SHIVRATRI
3Saturday09 Mar 2019Orientation (L.K.G)
4Saturday16 Mar 2019Report Day (Pre- Primary)
5Wednesday20 Mar 2019HOLI
6Saturday23 Mar 2019Trip to sardhana(XII)
7Thursday28 Mar 2019Report Day (I-XII)