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Album Title: REPUBLIC DAY 2016
Created Date : 26th Jan, 2016
Modified Date : 26th Jan, 2016
Description: Convent of Jesus and Mary Celebrated 67...
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Album Title: INDEPENDENCE DAY 2015
Created Date : 15th Aug, 2015
Modified Date : 15th Aug, 2015
Description: 69 th Independence day celebrated on the...
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Album Title: Children's day celebration...
Created Date : 14th Nov, 2014
Modified Date : 14th Nov, 2014
Description: Children's day celebration 2014
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Album Title: Dussehra Celebration 2014
Created Date : 1st Oct, 2014
Modified Date : 1st Oct, 2014
Description: Dussehra Celebration 2014
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Album Title: Pre-Primary Annual Day...
Created Date : 29th Sep, 2014
Modified Date : 29th Sep, 2014
Description: Pre-Primary Annual Day Celebration 2014
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Album Title: Junior Teacher's Day...
Created Date : 5th Sep, 2014
Modified Date : 5th Sep, 2014
Description: Junior Teacher's Day Celebration 2014
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Album Title: Hindi Dramatized...
Created Date : 26th Aug, 2014
Modified Date : 26th Aug, 2014
Description: Hindi Dramatized Elocution,(Class I)2014
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Album Title: Folk Dance Competition 2014
Created Date : 23rd Aug, 2014
Modified Date : 23rd Aug, 2014
Description: Folk Dance Competition 2014
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Album Title: Dramatized hindi elocution...
Created Date : 21st Aug, 2014
Modified Date : 21st Aug, 2014
Description: Today, Class II presented Hindi...
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Album Title: Senior Independence day 2014
Created Date : 15th Aug, 2014
Modified Date : 15th Aug, 2014
Description: Independence Day was celebrated in CJM,...
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Album Title: Junior Independence Day 2014
Created Date : 14th Aug, 2014
Modified Date : 14th Aug, 2014
Description: The 68th Independence day was celebrated...
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Album Title: Janmashtimi Utsav Junior...
Created Date : 14th Aug, 2014
Modified Date : 14th Aug, 2014
Description: Today, Janamasthmi festival was...
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Created Date : 30th Jul, 2014
Modified Date : 30th Jul, 2014
Description: Today, the children of class Ist...
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Album Title: English Dramatized Story...
Created Date : 24th Jul, 2014
Modified Date : 24th Jul, 2014
Description: Today, 24/07/2014 class II got the...
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Album Title: Sr.Gracy Farewell
Created Date : 15th May, 2014
Modified Date : 15th May, 2014
Description: Sister Gracy Farewell is celebrated on...
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Album Title: Foundress' Day Celebration...
Created Date : 3rd Feb, 2014
Modified Date : 3rd Feb, 2014
Description: Foundress' Day (St.Claudine Feast Day)...
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Album Title: Farewell Assembly of Ma'am...
Created Date : 29th Jan, 2014
Modified Date : 29th Jan, 2014
Description: Dance Performance on the Farewell...
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Album Title: Official Farewell for Class...
Created Date : 27th Jan, 2014
Modified Date : 27th Jan, 2014
Description: Welcome Dance for Official Farewell for...
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Album Title: Christmas Celebration- 2013
Created Date : 20th Dec, 2013
Modified Date : 20th Dec, 2013
Description: Christmas Celebration held in the Campus...
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Album Title: Pre Primary Christmas...
Created Date : 18th Dec, 2013
Modified Date : 18th Dec, 2013
Description: Christmas Celebration for Pre Primary...
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Album Title: Children's Day Celebration-...
Created Date : 16th Nov, 2013
Modified Date : 16th Nov, 2013
Description: Children's Day celebration held on...
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Album Title: Class 1 Hindi Story telling...
Created Date : 12th Nov, 2013
Modified Date : 12th Nov, 2013
Description: Hindi Story telling for Class 1 held on...
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Album Title: Senior School Diwali...
Created Date : 31st Oct, 2013
Modified Date : 31st Oct, 2013
Description: Senior School Diwali celebration held in...
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Album Title: Class 1 English Dramatics...
Created Date : 1st Aug, 2013
Modified Date : 1st Aug, 2013
Description: English Dramatics Story Telling for...
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