Head Girl's Message 2017-2018

Being the HeadGirl of the school , I am often asked about the characteristics that make a CJMite stand out. At this, I am reminded of Albert Camus who wrote :

“In the midst of winter, i found, there was within me, an invincible summer.”

That, is who a CJMite is.
The summer of hope in despair.
The summer of care in disease.
The summer of compassion in misery.
The summer of dauntlessness in fear.
The summer of confidence and foresightedness in moments of indecision.
And above all, the summer of love in hate.
That is who we strive to become each day, each moment, unbent and unburnt by the impediments before us.
May you, Reader, have a pleasant association with this great institution!
Hold High The Torch!

Diksha Bhanot
12 B

(Head Girl)

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